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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Coating Lamination Machine. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve our customers from Asia, Gulf, Africa and Europe.

Coating Lamination Machines represent the epitome of precision in industrial processes. These machines seamlessly marry various materials, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Witness the convergence of substrates through a meticulous bonding process, resulting in a finished product that excels in both quality and visual appeal. Whether reinforcing textiles or fortifying packaging materials, It stand as silent architects of durability. These machines redefine the landscape of material amalgamation, embodying a fusion of technology and craftsmanship. In the manufacturing realm, they symbolize a shift towards seamless integration, where laminated surfaces become more than just a finish but a reflection of the evolving synergy between innovation and industry. It represent a crucial stride towards a future where efficiency and precision are paramount in the pursuit of superior product outcomes.

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Coating Lamination Machines
APPLICATIONS Suitable for producing adhesive tape, such as :
BOPP tape / Double-side tissue tape / Foam tape / Cloth tape / Polyester and Release paper, Lamination High speed. VCI
FEATURES Special designs, suitable for various kind of materials.
Auto temperature stability to various materials.
Hot Air circulation through own designed ‘SEQUENCE AIR FLOW SYSTEM’ (patent applied).
Various Coating Methods like Gravour Coating, Mear Bar, Dip Coating, Dip Nip Metering, Clearance Coating, Reverse Roll Coating.
Coating. LDPE Surface Protection Film.
On Line Printing. Fully Programmable Machine.
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SPEED Up to 200 MPM.
WIDTH OF MACHINE From 500 Mm To 1500 MM.
LENGTH Custom Built As Per Products & Line Speed Required. Max. Line Speed 150 M/Min.
COAT WEIGHT Min. 1 Gsm Upto 100 Gsm Dry.
HEATING Indirect Through Hot Air Generator Diesel Or Gas Fired.
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