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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Coating And Drying Machine For Oral Films (ODD, ODF) And Trans Dermal Patch. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve our customers from Asia, Gulf, Africa and Europe.

Elevate pharmaceutical manufacturing with Coating Machines and Drying Machines for Oral Films. These precision-engineered machines seamlessly integrate the coating and drying processes, ensuring a meticulous application of pharmaceutical coatings on oral films. Witness the synergistic operation as these devices contribute to efficient mass production, providing consistent and uniform coatings on diverse film surfaces. The machines adeptly handle the coating and drying processes for different pharmaceutical formulations, offering a versatile solution for manufacturers. In the realm of pharmaceutical production, these machines play a pivotal role, optimizing the coating and drying processes and contributing to the seamless creation of oral films with enhanced efficacy. With their precision and reliability, Coating Machines and Drying Machines for Oral Films become essential in the pharmaceutical industry, supporting the production of pharmaceutical formulations for improved patient outcomes.

Complete Stainless-Steel Machine. Machine Completely Designed and Manufactured In India.

  • The Machine is designed to be operated only by one operator and two helpers.
  • The Coating Machine is cGMP. And 21 CFR Compliance.
  • The Machine is designed to be operated only by one operator and two helpers
  • All contact parts are of SS316L & finished and are service free.
  • Adhesive or Slurry thickness controlled by a very precision gap control system.
  • Air Flow for all chambers from top & bottom both. (As per customer requirement)
  • All Chambers with side opened doors with locks.
  • All air contact ducting is of SS316L.
  • Unwinder & Rewinder are forward & reverse direction rotation.
  • All values of temperature & humidity of the machine are indicated digitally on the control panel. PLC based automatic operating panel.
  • Low Energy Consumption. Complete Electrical Heating.
  • From 300 to 1000 mm width.
  • ï‚·Length of 2M To 20 M.
  • Drying Speeds up to 15 MPM.
  • Coating Thickness From 50 Microns to 5000 Microns.
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